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Fill Up Fridays

For some, the weekend represents loneliness, isolation, abuse, hunger, and possibly drug or gambling relapse. The Lord has ordained a space for US to FILL UP or SOULS on FRIDAYS!

If you need to fill up with some encouragement, peace, kindness, hope, laughter, family, community, laughter, joy, and the WORD! Join us,

Every 1st Friday at 7pm!

Every 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Friday, at 7:00am

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Go to, "Coming Up For Air Counseling Ministries"  page for more information

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Minister Lisa Goss

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Dr. Jacqueline Nelson

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Minister Dee Magee

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Chaplain Janell Richardson

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The Floss Café


Stop treating our blessings and gifts like they are scandals!

The Floss Café is a podcast that was created to floss about the goodness of God. Many of us floss about money, clothes and houses. Surely, we can floss about the God who gave His only begotten Son that we may have life! So yes, we are going to show up and show out in the name of the Lord! We know who we are and who's we are. We want to share with you, and YOU share with us how GOD has shown up in your life and how we became to accept the fact, that we are ENOUGH! It is a journey to arrive at the Floss Café. Life teaches us lessons, matures us and allows us to see who we are! It is while on life’s journey that we become to know that we are, Favored, Loved, Original, Self -Confident, and Steady! Iron sharpens iron and we are here to edify each other.

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Favored, Flawed and Fabulous


Loved by God




Self – Confident



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